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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Per Contra in cahoots with Martin Manning

Bill Turner of Per Contra should be ashamed of himself. He writes, and I quote, "She is a conglomerate of the practitioners and lieutenants of the nanny society, and she follows the protagonist from doorstep to nightmare with all of the diligence one would expect from a person “here to help.” "

That she is me: Caseworker Alice Pitney. The truth is, I am here to help. And I'm no conglomerate. Instead of defending Martin Manning, calling him a "protagonist," as if he is some sort of hero, Turner should be thankful for my diligence. If not for me, people like Martin Manning would have no chance for improvement at all. Unfortunately, Turner seems to share Manning's juvenile insistence on rights, and ignores the responsibilities we have altogether.

Only a truly sick person would write this: "With a healthy dose of laughter, often audible in my case, Mean Martin Manning is also fun." Fun? Martin Manning? I beg to differ. There is nothing fun about being a danger to oneself as well as others. There is nothing fun about not reaching one's potential. Turner is being terribly irresponsible, misinforming the public this way.

It appears that I have more work to do.


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