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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lunch with Judge Sarnauer

I have been away on the campaign trail with the Governor for weeks, but managed to get back to town to have a lovely lunch yesterday with Judge Sarnauer. I had the raw cauliflower platter. It was full of nutrition!!

Judge Sarnauer and I discussed many pressing public concerns. He is ready to assist as we help the people make the most of their potentials. On the agenda:

  • restrict Chinese food intake to once per week -- this is a simple matter of public safety and, with precedent already established, Judge Sarnauer assures me that there are no legal hurdles. An outright ban will have to wait, unfortunately.

  • mandate a serving of vegetables with every meal served in restaurants -- just common sense, really. Much of the work in this area has already been acheived through class-action lawsuits. There won't be much resistance from Big Restaurants and Big Food, as most are already complying. Judge Sarnauer says he will look into our legal options about the more relevant concern -- how do we make sure customers at the restaurants actually eat the vegetables? Our friends in Britain are using cameras for this purpose. Judge Sarnauer believes that because protecting the public's health is a valid government objective, cameras could be used in America as well. This is very good news.

  • remove insensitive talk show hosts from the airwaves -- again, just common sense. There is no room for incivility in public discourse. Judge Sarnauer agrees that the First Amendment does not protect one's right to upset others. He also agrees that the First Amendment was surely never intended to protect the extremism of Mean Martin Manning for President; it isn't political speech to support an enemy of the people.

During my appearance on It's Dr. Karen later in the week (Thursday), I'll discuss these initiatives in greater detail. Keep improving!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eat right or die!!!

CNN is reporting that nutritional supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet, and that they might even kill you!! This is just what I was concerned about when I encouraged Mean Martin Manning to eat right and when, at his trial, I pointed out that he uses unapproved medications and vitamins. Unfortunately, despite all of the warnings and evidence, Mr. Manning insists on eating this. I thrust that it's obvious that he must be found and helped. If you've seen Mean Martin Manning, tell Dr. Karen about it. It's for his own good.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer needs my intervention

Katie Haegele at the Philadelphia Inquirer says I'm "uptight." The press seems to be giving in to Mean Martin Manning every which way. First the Philadelphia City Paper and now this. I'm having lunch with Judge Sarnauer on Tuesday, and I intend to see what can be done to curtail this unhealthy and unhelpful attitude on the part of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Maybe someone needs to remind these papers that they are here to serve the public. And if they are not serving the public, which clearly they are not when they encourage Mean Martin Manning's sick supporters, then something needs to be done to correct their behavior. For their own good and the good of society.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Professor Wisotsky's New Book!!!

Professor Wisotsky's new book is now out in paperback. Ask for your copy of What You Want and What You Need at your local bookstore today. And be sure to watch It's Dr. Karen on Wednesday. Professor Wisotsky will be discussing how his book can help us eat right. Click here to read what critics are saying about What You Want and What You Need.

Keep improving!!!!